American Bully

Completed Thriller / Teen Drama

Multiple film festival selections and awards including Best Screenplay at Long Island Film Fest and The Golden Crescent Award for Best Overall Feature at Charleston International Film Festival

Director:  Dave Rodriguez

Writers: Dave Rodriguez & Zak Meyers

Producers:  George M. Kostuch and Dave Rodriguez

Cast:   Matt O'Leary, Marshall Allman, Natasha Hendstridge

The Dry Spell

Completed - Comedy

Writer / Director:  John Erick Dowdle

Producers:   Melinda Woolfe, Drew Dowdle, George M. Kostuch

Winner : Special Grand Jury Award Slamdance 2005

Cast:  Chip Godwin and the Dry Spell Crew -- this film was stolen from the streets of Los Angeles

Death Toll

Completed - Action

Director:  Phenom

Writer:  Tony Faia

Producer:  George M. Kostuch

Cast:  DMX, Keisha Knight Pulliam and Lou Diamond Phillips


Father of Lies

Completed -Christian / Faith

Director:   Phenom


Producer:  George M. Kostuch

Cast:  Vivica A. Fox, Clifton Powell and DMX

Lockjaw: The Rise of The Kulev Serpent

Completed - Sci-Fi / Creature

Director:  Amir Valinia


Producer:  George M. Kostuch

Cast:  Wes Brown, Louis Herthum and DMX


Completed - Sci-Fi / Zombie / Action

Director:  Amir Valinia

Writers:  Jodie Jones and Sam Sullivan (screenplay), George M. Kostuch (story)

Producer:  George M. Kostuch

Cast:  Steven Bauer, Michael Ironside, Vicky Vodar

Mysterious Island

Completed Action / Adventure - Sci-Fi - Famly

#1 Nielsen rated Syfy Original of 2012 -- 2.4m viewers on February 10, 2012

Director:  Mark Sheppard

Writers:  Jules Verne (novel), Cameron Larson (screenplay), George M. Kostuch (story)

Producers:  George M. Kostuch, Cameron Larson

Cast:  Lochlyn Munro, Gina Holden, Pruitt Taylor Vince, William Morgan Sheppard and Mark Sheppard

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

Completed - Docustyle / Found Footage before there was a genre or the term "Found Footage"

Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2005 acquired by MGM

Writer / Director:  John Erick Dowdle

Producers:  Drew Dowdle, John Erick Dowdle, George M. Kostuch

Cast:  True Events, maybe.

This Is The Day

Completed - Christian / Faith

Director:  Frank Pinnock


Producer:  George M. Kostuch

Cast:  Pettidee



Wrong Side of Town (completed)

Xtinction: Predator X (completed - Sci-Fi / Creature / Action / Adventure)

Director:  Amir Valinia

Writers:  Cameron Larson (screenplay), George M. Kostuch story), Claire Sanchez Kostuch (story), Caleb Michaelson (story)

Producer:  George M. Kostuch, Cameron Larson

Cast:  Lochlyn Munro, Mark Sheppard, Paul Wall and Elena Lyons Cardone