GEORGE MICHAEL KOSTUCH has developed, written, and produced over twenty independent films since 2001.  Through trial by fire using an old fashioned hands on approach -- Kostuch learned much about what NOT to do while making a film.  He began his career in Los Angeles, producing films along side longtime friend, writer|director, John Erick Dowdle with whom Kostuch co-produced THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES also with Drew Dowdle -- John's brother and production partner.  THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES was acquired at Tribeca Film Festival by MGM in 2007.  The Dowdle Brothers also wrote and directed DEVIL (with M. Night Shyamalan), QUARANTINE for Sony's Screen Gems, Universal PIctures’ AS ABOVE, SO BELOW and NO ESCAPE, starring Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnen (acquired at Cannes by Hollywood Legend Harvey Weinstein).  Prior to THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES, Kostuch and the Dowdles produced a comedy, THE DRY SPELLwinning a Special Grand Jury Award at Slamdance Film Festival in 2005. Kostuch has a dynamic personal presence that has propelled him from one side of a film set to another serving as a writer, producer, production manager, therapist and, most importantly - mentor.  Dozens of first time filmmakers got their start on one of Kostuch's sets, with many of these young filmmakers moving on to join unions, production design large budget project and direct their own feature films.  Kostuch could be likened to a proud father, taking so many people under his wing, pointing them in the right direction and watching them grow as filmmakers and as human beings.
Born and raised in Louisiana, Kostuch eventually founded a multimedia company called K7, through which he produced several genre specific projects ranging from science fiction to action|adventure to faith based films.  A short list of his films include:  CARNIVOROUS aka LOCKJAW (Syfy, North American Motion Picture Company) and MUTANTS (Syfy, North American Motion PIcture Company). Both CARNIVOROUS and MUTANTS produced strong foreign sales receipts.  Kostuch sold both films to NBCUniversal's Syfy on the same day in 2008. He then followed up this success with the film,  XTINCTION:  PREDATOR X, aka ALLIGATOR X(Warner Brothers, Netflix) where Kostuch pre-sold worldwide rights to Marvista Entertainment for a healthy minimum guarantee.  
K7 secured financing, produced and handled domestic & foreign sales for its critically acclaimed thriller,  AMERICAN BULLY aka ANYTOWN (Green Apple Entertainment) -- for what would be Kostuch's most critically acclaimed film to date.  In his glowing review of AMERICAN BULLY, The Daily Variety's Robert Koehler states, " tightens the screws and generates some wrenching tension" and "production departments, along with location lensing in Louisiana by John Barr, are first-rate on a limited budget."  AMERICAN BULLY won the Golden Crescent Award at Charleston Film International  Festival in 2009 for best overall feature film.  The film won Best Screenplay at Long Island International Film Expo 2009 and Best Director & Best Ensemble Cast at Method Fest 2009.  In 2011, AMERICAN BULLY was an official selection at Playhouse West Film Festival where it garnered awards for Best Picture, Best Actor in a Feature Film (Marshall Allman) and Audience Choice Award for Best Actor in a Feature Film (Matt O’Leary).   AMERICAN BULLY rounded out its strong film festival run as an official selection at HBO's Latino Film Festival in New York City and the Anaheim International Film Festival in Orange County, California.
In 2012, Kostuch developed, secured financing, produced and handled domestic & foreign sales for an adaptation of Jules Verne's novel THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (Syfy, Green Apple Entertainment), premiering as a Syfy Original Movie on February 11, 2012.  2.4 million viewers tuned into the film's premiere making MYSTERIOUS ISLAND the #1 Nielsen rated Syfy Original Movie of 2012 and the #6 rated Syfy Original all time.  K7 is currently developing a prequel to MYSTERIOUS ISLAND based on Verne’s most recognizable novel, 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA in partnership with Los Angeles based Big Screen Entertainment Group.   K7 and Big Screen are also developing an UNTITLED SNOW WHITE PROJECT.  Both projects are slated to shoot in China. 
  • K7GLOBAL (2004 - present) | president | Head of worldwide sales, marketing and distribution
  • K7PICTURES (2004 - present) | president | Head of Motion Picture Production and marketing
  • BRANDK7 (2004 - present) president | creative director & head of sales
  •  Syfy (2008 - 2014) | Delivery & Distribution of 3 K7 titles
  • MGM (2007) | Delivery & Distribution of THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES
  • HK Pictures (2005 - 2006) | Partner | Film Producer
  • Louisiana Film Incentives (2004) | President | Recruitment of California Based Productions to Shoot in Louisiana Based on Motion Picture Tax Incentives
  • Louisiana Film Production Services (2004) | President | Provided Simple Access to Location Production in Louisiana
  • The Football Network (2003) | Teleplay Writer | Associate Producer
  • Wilhelmina Talent Agency (2000 - 2004) | On-Camera Talent 
  • Leighton Talent Agency (1998 - 2000) | On-Camera Talent
  • Leadership | Business Management | Film Packaging & Development | Film Pitch Procedure & Pitch Materials Creation

  • Screenwriting | Budgeting for Film and Television | Film Crew Interviews & Hiring Procedures 

  • Pre-Production | Production & Principal Photography | Post-production | Physical Delivery  | 

  • Location Scouting | Casting | Creative Writing & Analytical Writing | Film Marketing &  Distribution

  • Film Festival Marketing & Logistics | Contract Negotiations | Production Management | S

  • Crisis Management | Ethics in Film | Legal Issues Related to the Film Industry | Reputation Management   

  • Film Production Incentives | Post-Production Supervision | Film Editing | Film Financing

  • Music & Film Score Supervision | Sound Design Supervision | ADR | Copyright Procedure

  • Intellectual Property Protection | Chain of Title Clearance | On-Set Etiquette | On-Camera Etiquette    

  • On-Set Crew Management | SAGAFTRA | IATSE | Union Relations | International & Domestic Sales

  • TV Commercials  - Production - Pitches - Storyboards | Production Insurance (General Liability | Worker's Compensation)

  • Promotional Materials | Poster | Artwork Creation | Film Trailer Creation | Electronic Press Kit

  • Website Creation & Management | Social Media Management | Still Photography

  • All Said... Independent Filmmaking     




DEAN'S LIST | FALL 1992 | (4.0)






  • Veteran | Louisiana National Guard

  • 6-Year Enlistment | Honorable Discharge

  • 1088th Engineer Battalion | Plaqumine, Louisiana

  • Sergeant E-5 | Final Pay Grade

  • Class President | Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC | NCO Training School)

  • Army National Defense Medal

  • Coordination fund raising for the formation of the LSU Collegiate Recovery Community (5k Recovery Run) --- Helping college students in need of support with an alcohol or drug addiction     

  • Donate time for anyone in need of assistance with recovery from any type of addiction

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